Services now your baby is here

Face to face support is offered in your own home, anywhere within Greater Bristol and North Somerset. I'm also very happy to travel outside of these areas so just ask!

Daytime, weekend and evening visits available.

In 2018 90% of those requesting urgent support were seen within 48 hours, 60 % within 24 hours and some were even seen the same day!

Please get in touch with any queries. : )

Face to face consultations

*** Please not these are temporarily suspended***


Breastfeeding is incredible, but that doesn't mean its always easy!

If you hit a bump in the road, or if you want to prevent problems, a face to face consultation will set you on the right path.

I can help with 

  • Sore nipples and latch issues

  • Positions for feeding

  • Breast pain

  • Milk supply and weight issues

  • Reflux

  • Thrush

  • Assessing for tongue tie

  • Unsettled babies and frequent feeding

  • Oversupply and forceful let down

  • Starting solids

  • Stopping breastfeeding

  • Gentle night weaning

  • Feeding older babies/children

  • Medications and feeding

  • Combination feeding

  • Weaning from top ups

  • Sleep support

  • Growth spurts

  • Mastitis and blocked ducts

  • Milk blisters

  • Breastfeeding through illness

  • Confidence building

  • Feeding in public

  • and so much more

Consultations are usually £65-85 pounds depending on your location. (More than £85 if there is additional travel cost which will be pre arranged with you) They usually last for around an hour and a half and include follow up calls, texts and emails so that you continue to feel supported.

Payment is by Card (preferred) cash or cheque



If needed, follow up visits are at a much reduced cost of £45-60

Phone Consultations

A face to face consultation is almost always the best option for breastfeeding challenges, but occasionally a telephone consultation is useful or needed. 

These are priced at £35 per consultation and take place at a time to suit you.

Email/Whatsapp/Text Consultations
If you prefer to communicate digitally this could be a good option for you. Communication can go on for as long as you need it, though if I feel a face to face visit is required I'll recommend this happens and discount the price of the communication so far.

Lucy Webber


Tel: 07813116994

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